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Hviids wine cellar

Hviids Vinstue was founded in 1723 and is Copenhagen's oldest wine room
Hviids wine cellar is located on Kongens Nytorv. The premises are almost 300 years old and tell a story from when Nyhavn was a real port and Copenhagen was a market town. The atmosphere in Hviids Vinstue is authentic and original.

Hviid's Wine Room has survived and witnessed Copenhagen's great fires in 1728 and 1807, the Schleswig wars, the First World War and the five cursed years of the occupation, as the city's oldest wine room which soon celebrates its 300th anniversary.

Hviids Vinstue  Region Hovedstaden

Årets Julegløgg serveres hvert år fra den 11. November kl 11.  

The story behind Hviids Vinstue

Hviids Vinstue  København

The story behind Hviids Vinstue is in fact an account of Copenhagen back in the time where Hviids Vinstue is, and has always been the meeting place for a wide range of Copenhageners of all ages and walks of life, although it may well be artists and intellectuals who have constituted Hvid's tribal audience.

Hviid's famous mulled wine

Hviids Vinstue  Greater Copenhagen

Hviid's famous mulled wine was first served in 1954, when the then restaurant owner experimented with a recipe that is still used today. The growing demand has meant that Hviids Vinstue is now up to an annual production of approx. 8000 liters. The process begins already in the spring months, when the red wine and port wine are mixed with raisins and spices and put to brewing. The mulled wine and raisins, which are the only sweeteners in the recipe, are then stored, pressed and thrown out.

Hviids Gløgg in bottles

Hviids Vinstue  Greater Copenhagen

Hviids Gløgg in bottles
In the last part of the preparation, alcohol, Cognac and dark rum are added, and when serving, fresh raisins and a whole almond are added again. The interest in Hviids Vinstue´s mulled wine, meant that Hviids Vinstue in 2004 started bottling Hviids Gløgg in 1 liter bottles, marked with vintage which is sold out of the house. Hviids Vinstue´'s mulled wine can only be bought at Hviids Vinstue and has become a success, among other things. such as almond gifts, hostess gifts and company gifts etc.

Hviids Vinstue København you will find in København, and can offer you a well situated Bed and Breakfast B&B..
If you choose to stay at Hviids Vinstue København, or just an overnight stay at Hviids Vinstue København, you may experience the following, among many other attractions in København.

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